Welcome to the Incredible Shrinking Machine. We melt pounds at a rate of 800 calories an hour!
Empower Boxing™ was created to focus on one goal; Get You Results Fast!
Massage Near Me We Empower Your Body Our classes are like the incredible shrinking machine. All you have to do is show up, give it your best and you begin an amazing transformation. We say “give it your best” because your best is going to get better fast and continue to improve at a rate that will shock you and your friends. You work at your own pace and can take a breather or a water break anytime. If one exercise is uncomfortable you may substitute it with another or sit it out. In time, you will be able to stay active the entire class which will be just one of the many improvements you will enjoy as an Empower Boxing™ member. Feeling fit and strong gives you tremendous confidence that will help in all areas of your life.
We Empower Your Mind Empower Boxing™ engages your mind as much as your body. The program is structured so that the more you learn, the more you want to learn. At first, you just want to do the punch or kick, but as you get better at it, you discover different ways to apply it or make it more effective. Not everyone wants to learn the details of a technique and that's fine. You are in control of your training, but if you want to go deep we can take you there safely and have a lot of fun along the way.
We Empower Your Optimism Your Empower Boxing™ club is more than just a fun way to get in great shape. It's a source of powerful motivation in all areas of life. If you work hard in the right direction, do the right things, and treat people with respect good things will happen. This more than just losing weight. It’s gaining control.
We Empower Your Safety Classes include life saving self-protection tips that make attending Empower Boxing™ all the more rewarding. Our instructors are certified in Cobra-Defense which is a law enforcement based self-defense system for regular people. You will be amazed how vulnerable you are each and every day. You will also be relieved to gain the knowledge to virtually eliminate that vulnerability.
We Empower Our Community At Empower Boxing™ we believe in giving back to the community. We engage in neighborhood clean ups, fund raising, and helping people who really need help. It’s a core principle and gives our members a great outlet to make a difference.
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