Welcome to the Incredible Shrinking Machine. We melt pounds at a rate of 800 calories an hour!
Empower Boxing™ was created to focus on one solitary goal; Get You Results Fast!

Empower Boxing™ is not about sparring, getting hit, belts, uniforms, bowing, or ritual. It's about empowering you to gain control of your body. Our classes are fast and furious because you are moving non-stop for 50-60 minutes depending on the class.

Our Classes

We offer three main classes. You are welcome to mix and match as you like. Remember, none of these classes contain sparring or striking at anyone else.

We also have private training and specialized seminars on sparring, self-defense and other related programs for those interested in expanding their knowledge.


This class includes punching, knee strikes, and elbows, but no kicking. This is ideal for people who lack flexibility or have little interest in learning how to kick.


This is more challenging than our Boxing class because kicking takes far more effort than punching. Kicking adds an athletic challenge and variety to the class not to mention kicking shapes your legs so if you've ever wanted the legs of a dancer, kicking will sculpt them for you.


This is our toughest class. It includes kickboxing plus fun, but exhausting MMA related moves that have you interacting in a different way with the heavy bag and on the ground.